Membership Information

The Florida Wellcare Alliance was formed in 1997 by a group of physicians concerned about
the economic pressures placed on physicians by the government and insurance companies.
They believed some patients were not receiving good medical care in Citrus County, as some
physicians were providing too many medical services, tests and procedures for their patients
to offset financial losses resulting from Medicare and managed care fee reductions. There were
concerns that needed services might be withheld due to restrictions placed on physicians by
insurance companies.

The founding physicians recognized that when someone other than the patient was
responsible for paying the costs of their medical care, problems were created. In order to
counter these problems, the government and insurance companies needed a system to
"manage" physicians and patients, thus, a third party was introduced. The ideal setting for
good health care was further distorted.

The founders of the Florida Wellcare Alliance believed there were many physicians in Citrus
County dedicated to the principles of patient-oriented, cost-effective medical treatment. They
knew many physicians who placed their patient's needs and best interests above their own,
and wished to recommend these physicians to the citizens of Citrus County. The Florida
Wellcare Alliance continues to seek out and join these fine physicians in an Alliance to aid in
reducing costs, and encourage them to continue providing excellent medical care despite
today's regulated environment. Each partner of the Florida Wellcare Alliance commits to the
principles of excellence to which the Alliance adheres. Every partner receives approval by a
committee of their peers, and participates in an annual peer review evaluation of the Alliance

To be considered for membership, a physician must have been in active practice in Citrus
County for a minimum of two years.


  •        Discounted Malpractice Insurance program
  •        Workers Compensation Benefit Program
  •        Investment opportunities
  •        Two dinner meetings with speakers per year
  •        CME credit available for educational programs
  •        Educational Staff Seminars
  •        Informative patient newsletters
  •        All members are listed on our website with a link to the practice website
  •        Advocate the traditional patient-physician relationship
  •        Find cost savings for practices (discounted office supplies and Coding Books)
  •        Information on legislation and trends affecting practices
  •        Develop "best business" principles
  •        Identify risk management strategies
  •        Foster communication among Florida Wellcare Alliance partners